About the Podcast


Hey y'all!

Welcome to the Everyday Etiquette Podcast! 

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When I moved from a small city in Southeast Missouri to a BIG city on the East coast, I started to field lots of questions about how we do things down in the South....  from table manners, tipping, and writing thank-you notes to the huge etiquette minefield that is wedding planning.  I decided to start this podcast to not only answer some of those questions, but also continue to explore my own fascination with etiquette.  As I say on the episodes, I am more of an etiquette student than a etiquette expert! (And yes, I am WAY behind on my own thank-you notes)

Things I try to do on this podcast:  laugh, be silly, find out how to show kindness, compassion, and respect for others, interview experts in different fields, answer listener questions.

Things I try NOT to do on this podcast: shame people for using the wrong fork, encourage folks to do impractical things, act "high and mighty." 

In my day job, I am a calligrapher.  Hop on over to my website to find more information!

I currently live back in my hometown with my political husband and three beautiful children.  

I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you!